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Director Dr. Subhash Kamble

In the academic year 2015 2016 the process of learning fast has begun dur to the inspiration from perennial source Honorable Nandkumar sir chief secretary department of school education of Maharashtra all the field officers till the cluster heads have extended their supports to the teachers under the leadership and guidance of Honourable chief secretary, Honorable commissioner education and Hnorable director MSECERT . We need to speed up the process in the academic year 2016. 2017.

As per the new state training policy ,the institute appeal the primary across the state to register their demands of training in English and we got overwhelming response to the appeal. About 10000 primary teachers have registered online for the training in spoken English.

We strongly believe in the creative powers of the learners and do not want to hamper the flight of the children. So instead binding them within of a frame work , we would like to encourage them so high in world of imaginations. Learner’s need the scapholders supports from the teachers in order to flourish ,students tend to stay back dropout if they are made to think teachers’ point of view and if they are made to see the world through the eyes of the teachers. The role of teachers would be to create the situations and not to spoon feed.

We are going to equip the teacher with technique of scaoholding . we focus on CPD of the teachers and fast acquisitions of communication abilities and skills in the learners.Hencewe have designed three fold programmes for the enhancement of communication in English viz. 1 .spoken English project 2. functional communicational skills innovation ,3. The CPD of the teachers so we are going to extend online and offline help and supports to the teachers through websites, offline mobile applications and helplines. We envision all Maharashtra speaking in English in day to day life .

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